4oz treats 1 person $20.00

8oz treats 2-3 people $40.00

12oz treats 3-4 people $60.00

16oz treats 4-6 people $80.00


Lice Go Non Toxic serum kills lice in minutes. Including super lice.  Guaranteed!! Same extra strength formula that lice professionals use. Doctor recommended. 

Non toxic. Pesticide free. Kills "super" lice in minutes, not hours. Developed by the owner of a lice removal salon and cosmetologist. LiceGo moisturizing treatment leaves hair soft, shiny and most importantly BUG FREE! This is lice removing serum only. This is not a kit. 


-Lice Go is a non-insecticide lice treatment using a blend of oils that kill head lice by naturally destroying the waxy exoskeleton of the bug. Resulting in fluid loss and rapid dehydration. Killing them in minutes. Because Lice Go does not use pesticides or toxic chemicals, head lice can not develop an immunity or resistance to the product like they have with popular store bought lice kits (NIX, RID) or prescription medicines. Lice Go does not contain harmful pesticides so it is safe to use on everyone in the family. Does not contain any nut oils. Lice Go is currently being used by many lice professionals across the United States and is now available for you to purchase to use yourself. Lice Go professional head lice treatment is the best you can get.

-Lice Go Ingredients: Proprietary blend of oils Organic Aloe Vera, Agar (natural thickener), Citric acid (to stabilize pH), Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Potassium sorbate



Lice Go Professional Strength Lice Removing Serum - Not a Kit