Lice Go VS. Store Bought Kits

Lice Go is a non-insecticide lice treatment using plant based oils and ingredients commonly used in hair and skin care products. The way that it kills head lice is through a mechanical (not chemical) process that naturally destroys the waxy exoskeleton of the bug. Resulting in fluid loss and rapid dehydration of the bug. Killing them in minutes. Because Lice Go does not use pesticides or toxic chemicals, the lice can not develop an immunity or resistance to the product like they have with popular store bought lice kits (NIX, RID) or prescription medicines. Lice Go does not contain harmful pesticides so it is safe to use on everyone in the family. Lice Go is currently being used by many lice professionals across the United States and is now available for you to purchase to use yourself. Lice Go professional head lice treatment is the best you can get

What is Nit Go?

Nit Go is a conditioning cream and combing aid that contains natural occurring yeast enzymes. The yeast enzymes break down the sticky glue to the nits (eggs) allowing for easy removal. Leaving the hair moisturized and soft.

Lice Go and Nit Go were developed by a very frustrated mother of 3. That mother is me and my name is Lara.

I have been in the hair profession for over 25 years. In 2015 head lice invaded the scalps of my family. I tried every lice killing product and home remedy without success. I became frustrated and did a bit of head lice research. I found out that the reason that the products were not working was because the products are using chemically derived pesticides. Over the years lice have mutated and developed a resistance to these chemicals. Rendering the product useless and a complete waste of time and money. #SuperLice 

Because of my years of experience in the hair care and skin industry, I decided to play chemist in my kitchen. Knowing that I needed to use a natural approach, rather than chemical, I started experimenting with organic and essential oils. I used myself and my family to test these products on.  After MANY late night mixing sessions, EUREKA!  Lice Go and Nit Go came to fruition. It killed the lice in mere minutes, does not have any toxins or pesticides AND it leaves hair shiny and soft. Wooohooo!!

I wanted to help others in my community so I opened up my own lice removal salon. I have been in business since 2015 and have successfully cured thousands of families of head lice. I LOVE my job and I stand behind my product %100. It works. I PROMISE!!

LiceGo contains sunflower oil, olive oil, soybean oil, glycerin, bergamot fruit extract, ginger root extract, clary sage extract, aqua, isopropyl mystriate, yeast enzymes, sweet orange oil for fragrance