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Lice Go Lice Treatment

Professional Head Lice Products

Pesticide Free Formula Kills Super Lice In Minutes


Safe For The Whole Family

Moisturizing Formula Leaves Hair
Soft & Revitalized

No Harsh Chemicals Or Pesticides

Developed &
Used By Lice Professionals

Guaranteed To Kill All Live Lice




Why Should You Choose Lice Go Products?

  • Lice Go does not contain harmful chemicals and is safe to use on everyone in the family

  • Lice Go Is guaranteed to kill %100 of live head lice including super lice

  • Lice Go is less expensive then store brand lice shampoos

  • Lice Go has been used by lice removal specialists since 2015

  • Lice Go has successfully helped thousands of people eliminate their head lice infections

  • Lice Go is approved and recommended by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, teachers and caregivers

  • Lice Go leaves your hair moisturized, shiny and soft

  • Lice Go was developed with love by a mother frustrated with head lice

  • Lice Go is a small (more like tiny) family operated business. We truly care about our products and our customers. We are here to help you

  • Have questions about head lice or Lice Go? You can call/text or email me (my name is Lara) and I will personally help you in any way I can


Did You Know? 

In 48 states head lice are %100 resistant to the common pesticide based head lice products found at your local drug store (e.g. Nix, Rid). They absolutely do not work and are a complete waste of time and money


Journal of Medical Entomology, Volume 53, Issue 3, May 2016, Pages 653–659,

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The Lice Go Family: Lochlan, Lara & Derek

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